Who We Are

Counselors for Change is a nonprofit collective impact collation of mental health professionals, community members, parents, teachers, and students as well as business and agency partners with a shared mission to increase mental health awareness, education, outreach and advocacy to school-aged youth and those entrusted with their care. We envision a world where everyone has early and ongoing access to quality mental health resources.

What We Stand For

We believe that mental health is at the center of individual and collective well-being and holds the greatest capacity to create meaningful and lasting positive change in society. It is through reducing stigma, increasing programs that focus on equity and inclusion, and intentional efforts to distribute information and resources that engage and empower individuals and communities with a deeper understanding of mental health and well-being that we have the greatest impact.

What We Do

We fulfill this mission through the development of resources and programs that empower youth and community members with opportunities to expand awareness and access to information about mental health and wellness and connect them to community resources and partners who share our mission.