Our Work

Conversations for Change

Counselors for Change provides mental health panel discussions for schools and organizations seeking to increase mental health awareness and engage in collaborative dialogues in order to change the conversations around mental health to end stigma. Workshops and trainings are provided to schools and organization interested in creating a compassionate, trauma-informed space and level of care for students, co-workers, and staff.

Nature for Change

The Nature for Change initiative increases awareness of the benefits that being connected to nature has on mental health and connects people to valuable resources through the placement of informative plaques in city parks and other shared green spaces within communities. These plaques contain information highlighting the research supported benefits that time spent in nature has on mental health along with a QR code that links people to free mental health hotlines.

This initiative is a collaborative one between C4C, student leaders, and city leaders who share our mission to increase mental health awareness and access to resources and services. Feel free to reach out to us at info@counselorsforchange.org or call 321-821-4410 for more information on how to bring this free, valuable resource to your community.

Movies for Change

Through the generous donations of community members passionate about mental health, Counselors for Change is able to host screenings of documentaries focused on mental health education and awareness. A panel of mental health professionals and community volunteers provide information and resources at each documentary screening.

Current documentary screenings include:

Suicide: The Ripple Effect – This documentary film and movement focuses on the positive ripple effects of mental health education and advocacy through shared stories of hope and healing. It chronicles the journey of Kevin Hines, a suicide survivor and mental health advocate, as he shares his own story and collaborates with mental health warriors around the globe.

The First Day: A Focus on the Beginning – In this documentary Chris Herren, a former professional basketball player, author, and wellness advocate, uses the power of story telling and lived wisdom to address issues that school systems, communities, and people across the country are impacted by, directly or indirectly, each day including substance use, other other harmful behaviors, and mental wellness.

Posters for Change

Each year Counselors for Change sponsors a mental health awareness poster contest open to public, private, and home school 6-12th grade students in order to help increase mental health awareness, change the conversation, end stigma, and foster a culture of inclusion. With the financial support of Seacoast Bank students whose posters are selected have the chance to be awarded up to $100 for their efforts and impact to increase mental health awareness. Posters are displayed throughout communities, used in the creation of free resources, and incorporated into our events.

Partners for Change

Counselors for Change partners with organizations and other nonprofits who share our mission to increase mental health awareness, education, outreach, and advocacy. Our team of passionate volunteers can be found tabling at events to handout information and resources to attendees. Our team of mental health professionals provide workshops for organizations who wish to increase awareness of the impact mental health has on individuals, families, and communities. Some organizations we have partnered with who share our passion for mental health include American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Survivors of Suicide Support Groups, James Journey, The Campaign to Change Direction, Lucky’s Market, To Write Love on Her Arm, Mom’s Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, Suntree United Methodist Church, Trinity Fitness, Brevard Public Schools, and Seacoast Bank.

Science for Change

The Science for Change initiative was established to support students exploring topics in the behavioral sciences. Awards, opportunities to present their projects, and connections with professionals in the field of mental health were provided to students whose science research projects were selected that increase mental health awareness, decrease stigma, and improve well-being.

Being human is both a science and an art and it is through science that we can further understand the biology (body), psychology (mind), and social (relationships) aspects of our experiences. There are so many opportunities for further research and careers in behavioral sciences and we are passionate about supporting students’ interest and action that improves awareness and well-being in our communities.  

Students from Astronaut High School, Melbourne High School, Satellite High School, and West Shore Jr/Sr High School were among the 2023 Science for Change recipients. Freedom Seven Elementary School, West Melbourne School for Science, Ascension Catholic School, Hoover Middle School, West Shore Junior/Senior High School, Satellite High School, and Viera High School had research projects selected for mental health advocate awards in the 2021 Science Research Fair.