Counselors for Change’s team of licensed mental health professionals and volunteers provide community educational events, workshops, panel discussions, and classroom or workplace activities designed to increase resiliency and overall well-being inspiring each of us to be a counselor: one who advocates for the well-being of another.


Counselors for Change hosts community events and outreach initiatives that increase the collective well-being of communities with services that enhance mental health awareness, resiliency, and access to care. Our annual poster contest open to all 6th-12th grade public, private, and home school students empowers the next generation to take an active role in increasing community resiliency through mental health education and outreach. Submission guidelines and forms can be found at: Enter Poster Contest


Counselors for Change responds to the needs of communities by providing mental health panel discussions for schools, businesses,  and organizations to address the unique needs of the individual organization. Leaders in the field of mental health share a wealth of knowledge on topics related to mental health and well-being and cater each discussion to the specific needs of the organization hosting the event. Counselors for Change also maintains a collaborative connection with local mental health professionals who have trauma-informed advanced training to coordinate responses to school or community wide crises.


Counselors for Change builds a collaborative impact coalition of partners who advocate for positive change and are equally aligned with our mission to increase mental health awareness and outreach to youth and those entrusted with their care. These partnerships with community agencies, schools, student-led groups, parent associations, business partners, and individual community members collectively enhance our impact and create community connections that enhance mental health.